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How to Apply

Human Resources departments often provide assistance to foreign candidates in obtaining work permits. If a candidate is eligible for a work permit, the employer may wish to assist in the preparation of a work permit application. This is especially helpful if the candidate comprehends limited English. 

A work permit application is filed on CIS form I-765. The form can be found by visiting the Citizenship and Immigration Services's website which is located at http://uscis.gov/graphics/formsfee/forms/i-765.htm. Forms are also available by calling 1-800-870-3676.  The CIS also offers electronic filing to simplify matters. Visit their website for specific details. 

Filing fees for this form are currently $120.00. Be advised that the CIS regularly raises its filing fees. Therefore, confirm this amount with the CIS website before submitting the application. Failure to provide the correct amount will result in the application being rejected. 

If the application is not completed electronically, it will be sent by mail to the CIS Service Center or the local CIS district office that serves the area where the foreign applicant lives. Following submission of the application, the CIS will issue a receipt notice that includes a tracking number. 

If the CIS does not approve or deny the Employment Authorization Document application within 90 days, the applicant may request an interim Employment Authorization Document. The individual must go to the local CIS district office (not the CIS service center) and bring with her proof of identity and any documents that the CIS has sent about her employment authorization application.  

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