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Solid I-9 Compliance
The I9 form files of a typical company are a mess. I9 employment eligibility forms may even be  missing for a portion of  employees.  Those I-9 forms that are present often reflect a mish-mash of policies, misunderstandings and years of erroneous practices. The problems are magnified for companies with branch offices where uniform procedures do  not exist. The result is a potential bomb ready to go off in the event of a USCIS audit. 

i9Check provides a solution to reign in the burden and ease the paperwork. Our online I9 form preparation system contains everything needed to instruct new hires and personnel on the proper way to complete an I-9 form. The system is easy to use and offers online help and tips at a click of a button. Even new staff and hiring managers unfamiliar with the I-9 laws and process can quickly and correctly complete the I-9 form. 

With the i9Check system, companies can rest easier knowing that I-9 form processing can finally be under control. 

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