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A Stitch in Time

Question: You gladly hire Lily Chou because she told you how she beaded sweaters in Taiwan. You are surprised when she hands you a California driver's license and an unrestricted Social Security card for the I-9 form. (Note: Some Social Security cards are restricted and bear the inscription "Valid Only with INS Authorization" or "Not Valid for Employment.") "Miss Chou," you say, "I must see a card from the INS." Does Lily Chou have a case against you?  

Answer: Yes. Lily Chou has a very strong case against you. You should have let her choose which valid documents to present as proof of her identity and work authorization. A California driver's license proves identity and a unrestricted Social Security card proves work authorization. Your insistence on seeing an INS card is called document abuse, and this is a discriminatory practice.  

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