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I-9 Information

For the benefit of our visitors, i9Check offers the following free information about the I-9 form.  Feel free to print out these pages for reference and training purposes.  By spending the time and effort to properly complete these forms, employers wisely diminish the possibility of being fined for substantive and procedural errors, thus improving their chances of surviving an audit by the government. 

Be sure to sign up for the i9Check newsletter. Signing up is free, and the newsletter is chock full of news, information, and tips on making sure your I-9 file is compliant. The newsletter contains useful information available only to our subscribers and not found on this site. 

With the advent of the Internet, our society is getting closer to the paperless office. i9Check makes completing the I-9 form effortless and accurate. Let us revolutionize how your company deals with I9 form paperwork, by managing it electronically!


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