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Expedite I9 Processing
I9 form federal regulations are complicated and time-consuming. Yet federal regulations require that employers complete an I-9 form for all employees hire after 1986. To comply with the law,  employers must participate in the following:

bulletInstruct new hires regarding completion of Section 1
bulletInstruct HR staff regarding completion of Section 2 and acceptable documents
bulletReview completed I-9 form to ensure correctness
bulletTimely complete I-9 form with respect to new hire start date
bulletInput and monitor expiration dates of work authorization documents
bulletTrack new hire dates and termination dates
bulletReverify employees on limited work authorization
bulletMaintain active and terminated I-9 files
bulletMonitor developments in I-9 employment verification law and implement changes into company I-9 procedures. 

Given the significant responsibilities, manually maintaining an I-9 form the traditional way is inefficient, time-consuming, and expensive. i9Check software offers a far superior solution. 

i9Check software is designed to alleviate HR managers and those overseeing the I-9 process from these headaches normally associated with the I-9 process. The software is extremely easy to use, and requires little training given its clear intuitive interface. I-9 instruction and tips are available online which can be accessed by the user at anytime. The software tracks work authorization expiration dates, protects against invalid social security numbers, and ensures that all necessary spaces are completed. Taken together, the software offers a complete online I-9 solution. 

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